Essential Lenses


“Play is the highest from of research.” – Albert Einstein

              Logan LaPlante was very enjoyable to watch. He was humorous, intriguing, and his confidence shown. My favorite statement of his was, “when I grow up I want to be happy.” It reminds me of why I love my job and my preschoolers. A lot of kids struggle with being happy because of bullying, self-esteem issues or stress. Schools are very academic, Logan talked about how schools should teach how to be happy. I think this is a great idea. It does not necessarily have to be based on ‘how to be happy’ but, teachers should include these techniques in their teaching every day. I don’t think there should be a specific class or section of the day based on being happy, but just simply combined in lessons throughout the day.

              “A lot of people think of hackers as geeky, computer nerds who live in their parent’s basement and spread computer viruses.” – Logan LaPlante

              I am one of these people – I have never thought of hacking in a different way. I did not expect the article and video to be about hacking any opportunity. I learned that anything can be hacked, and anyone can hack. I realized that I have hacked things. I taught myself to golf, through hacking it all the way down. I also have learned different tricks or shortcuts to methods of art. Unknowingly, this is known has hacking. Right now, I find myself hacking how to blog!

              Logan also talks about how he spends one day a week outside in nature all day. Wow! I would love to do this, and I LOVE camping but, the bugs always bother me. I have a fear of bugs and I don’t think I could spend all day outside once a week.

              Bud Hunt’s article, “Centering on Essential Lenses”, was a great read. I feel he is so accurate about making, hacking and playing. I am a huge DIY person and am stoked to include making things in my classroom. I think that I will have that aspect of it nailed. Through my experience as a preschool para educator and research, I have learned that play based learning is essential. Students learn so much more through their own experience, experiments and thinking while playing. I learn so much more about a child when I am playing with them instead of trying to quiz them or ask them questions. By using simple games I can learn a lot about a


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  1. I loved the way Logan spoke about this topic. His humor was cute and funny which made the video enjoyable to watch. I think that this should be the goal of the teacher as well: Make sure each student is given the right knowledge and tools to continue being happy in life. I think that with the school hacking, this would be possible. Make lessons fun. Connect with the students. Make them feel happy in the moment as well. I have always seen hacking as a bad thing until this video and now I have a better understanding that it could help determine the fate of the student and it is indeed very important.


    1. Agreed – connecting with students and having a relationship with them is key in the classroom. Without a relationship with each of the students they are not going to reach their full potential or follow directions.


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